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REVIEW: Looney Tunes Cartoons Is Prime Example Of Great Animation Revitalization

May 26, 2020 - Author: MC - Comments are closed

HBO Max debuted their new take on the beloved Looney Tunes animated series, Looney Tunes Cartoon tomorrow, May 27. These 80 eleven-minute episodes are filled with some of our favorite Looney Tunes’ characters as they get up to their same old shenanigans. And though, this should seem repetitive to those who have grown up with these animated characters, it’s anything but.

From the iconic opening theme, “Merry Go Round Broke Down” playing across the screen to the final “That’s All Folks”, each animated segment within the eleven minute episodes are perfectly silly without being outrageous. It’s a comfort to know that after all this time, watching Tweety Bird terrorize Sylvester and Elmer Fudd be two steps behind Bugs Bunny can still bring a smile to the face.

What makes this show even better is that Warner Bros. Animation did not try and recreate something new. They kept the animation similar to past iterations and the gags not too far off the cuff for the Looney Tunes gang. Too often, rebooted cartoons lose what make the them so special by overhauling their stories to appease a new generation. Looney Tunes Cartoons sticks to what it knows; fun little gags that are brief and entertaining.

There is a beauty to voice acting, specifically ones of this caliber, where not just anyone could take on these iconic and Eric Bauza, Jeff Bergman and Bob Bergen knock it out of the park. Each one bring so much depth to each of the characters that it is hard to believe these are not the original voice actors from the 1940s. They are not only comfortable in the vocal booth, but comfortable enough to go a little crazy while bringing these lovable creatures to life.

Looney Tunes Cartoons is wonderful addition to the Looney Tunes family. It welcomes the young generation with open arms while those returning after all these years will be welcomed with a warm embrace.

Grade: A

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