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BB Exclusive Interview: Chloe Lukasiak

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BB Exclusive: Chloe Lukasiak Reveals BTS Details from The Irreplaceables Tour

December 15, 2017 - Author: admin - Comments are closed

First introduced to us on the hit Lifetime show, Dance Moms, Chloe Lukasiak has taken the world by storm. From appearing in a variety of different TV shows and movies to writing her very first book, Girl On Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Taking Over the World, Chloe is making a name for herself in the Entertainment world.

We got the amazing chance to chat with the star about her “The Irreplaceable Tour” with friends, Kalani Hilliker and Kendall Vertes. During our interview, we also chatted her tour must haves, advice for aspiring dancers and so much more. Check it out below.

What made you girls want to head out on tour?
“We wanted to be able to meet our fans and all of the people who have supported us. We had a really incredible season finale and we all agreed that the best way to top it off was to head on tour! I love traveling and meeting new people so when we all decided we were going, I was thrilled!”

What do you have planned for your show?
“We have so much planned. A dance workshop taught by Kendall, Kalani, and me. We also have a show where we perform for everyone and have some Q & A’s. And to end off the night we have a meet and greet where we take pictures and meet people!”

How did you prepare for the tour?
“Lots of rehearsal and trying to get my endurance up (which included lots of ‘running’).”

Can you tell us more about the workshops you have planned for each city?
“We have a warm up led by one of the three of us. Then we teach a little combo (which may be a section that you see in a dance later on in the show) and then we have everyone perform the combo for their parents and friends.”

You can read the full interview below. The girls’ next stop on tour is tonight, December 15 in St. Louis, MO and her book, Chloe’s Guide to Taking Over the World on January 23!

What are you most excited about for this tour?
“I am ecstatic to meet new people. I love traveling and being with two of my best friends, but I love getting to chat with new people the most.”

Are there any cities you are really excited to tour in?
“Chicago! One of my favorite cities ever and I haven’t been for a while so I’m excited to go back.”

What are your tour must haves?
“Face masks (to keep my skin clear and fresh while traveling), a good book to occupy myself while on the road, and my pillow!”

Which of the dances that you will be performing is your favorite?
“My solo. It’s so different for me in that it’s a jazz number. I normally do contemporary or lyrical but I wanted to do a strong, powerful, upbeat jazz piece. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.”

Besides the tour, is there anything that you would like your fans to know?
“Thank you so much for all of your support and endless love. I am incredibly grateful to each and every one of you. I would not be where I am without you guys and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. I love you guys forever and I can’t wait to meet you on this tour (and maybe even on my book tour!).”

Do you have any advice for aspiring dancers?
“Practice every chance you get and work even harder on your weaknesses. For me, flexibility is my weakness and because of that, I try to stretch everyday. Also, don’t forget to enjoy it. At the end of the day, nothing else matters except how you feel. Enjoy every moment”.

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  1. by Marla

    Thank you for featuring this beautiful, talented, intelligent girl. She is a perfect role model for not only children but people of all ages. She makes me remember there is hope and joy in the world.

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