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REVIEW: Gary Oldman Shines in Darkest Hour

December 7, 2017 - Author: admin - No Comments

Winston Churchill is one of the most well known men in history. The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom worked to defeat Nazi Germany, and the Axis powers in World War II. He was a powerful figure, both physically and figuratively, and has been portrayed countless times in cinema and TV. Darkest Hour has Gary Oldman
taking on the role of the iconic leader during his first few days as the Prime Minister.

The film follows Churchill as he grapples with the decision to have England negotiate with Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany or if he will continue fight against them. These days are not often the focus of a Churchill film director Joe Wright does it with ease. This film is gripping and will bring audiences back to a time where all seemed lost. Those who know Churchill’s legacy will know what transpires in the film, but for those who know only the highlights it will leave you wanting to learn more. Darkest House brings to list history often glossed over in the overall picture of Churchill’s life.

Oldman is superb as Winston Churchill. His physical transformation in to the historic figure is amazing, most people won’t recognize him. Everything from the way he holds himself to how he speaks is unike anything he has done in the past. Oldman will certainly be a name in contention for an Academy Award nomination next year. Lily James portrays Churchill’s shy typist Elizabeth Layton. The pair have some very enjoyable scenes together, but it is his scenes with Stephan Dillane (Viscount Halifax) in Churchill’s war room and his scenes with Ben Mendelsohn (King Edward VI) at the end of the film that will blow you away.

Darkest Hour is a film everyone at some point in their lives should see. Not only will audiences learn something, but they will also enjoy themselves. If you are looking for the perfect matinee this weekend, go see Darkest Hour. It will be worth it.

Grade: A

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