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REVIEW: American Assassin Will Keep You On the Edge of Your Seat From Start to Finish

September 15, 2017 - Author: admin - Comments are closed

Bond and Bourne are usually the first names that come to mind when thinking about spy movies. The James Bond and Jason Bourne flicks share a glimpse in to the counter intelligence world, from the glamorous side (Bond) to the grittier aspects (Bourne). CBS Films’ new movie, American Assassin has added another name to that list: Mitch Rapp.

Based on the bestselling novel by Vince Flynn, American Assassin is the story of Mitch Rapp, a man seeking revenge after his fiancée is killed during a terrorist attack. Rapp ends up recruited by the CIA to join their elite operations program. Once in the program, Rapp butts heads with his trainer, Stan Hurley and, despite his proclivity for not following orders, proves himself ready for his first operation. While trying to prevent missing plutonium from falling in to the wrong hands, Rapp becomes entangled in a battle with an mystery operative known as Ghost, who seems to know just a bit too much about Rapp, Hurley, and their world.

Dylan O’Brien takes the lead as the no nonsense Rapp and was fantastic. When he was first announced for this role, many were skeptical he could pull off the role of a CIA Operative but he does it with ease. O’Brien trained quite a bit for the physical side of this role and his drive, coupled with his on-screen charm showcase his ability to lead his own film. Michael Keaton assumes the role of Hurley and has a lot of fun with the role. Keaton’s portrayal of the gruff mentor is spot on.

Sanaa Lathan, Taylor Kitsch, and Shiva Negar round out the cast. Lathan is wonderful as the cool, calm, and collected CIA Deputy Dirctor Irene Kennedy while Negar kicks some serious butt as the Turkish agent assisting on the operation. Kitsch plays the unhinged Ghost well and his scenes with Keaton are some of the most intense in the film.

American Assassin is an the edge of your seat, cover your eyes (in a good way) ride. The movie is to the point and, like Rapp, no nonsense. If you are a fan of the book series, you will not be disappointed. There are a few minor changes, but the meat of the story is the same. If you are looking for a movie to see this weekend, go see American Assassin.

Grade: B+

Categories: Dylan O'Brien, Review

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