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BB Exclusive: Aisha Dee Discusses The Events Of The Bold Type Season Finale & What’s To Come For Kat

September 6, 2017 - Author: Writer - Comments are closed

The Bold Type held its season one finale last night, September 5, and Aisha Dee was kind enough to chat with us about Kat’s decisions in the finale and what the future has in store for her character.

On her reaction to reading the finale ‘s script: “I was intimidated a little bit. The subject matter is something I care really deeply about and it’s something that I’ve addressed on a show before through Sweet/Vicious. Exploring surviving sexual assault was a little scary for me. I was determined that we had to do it right and we had to do it in a way that felt genuine and felt like it was actually doing something for the community. I think we achieved that. Also, they [the creators] were really great at hearing my contribution. It’s something that I’m really passionate about and I’m super excited people get to see. ”

On what it was like to film the scene where the girls come to support Mia: “We were getting towards the end of filming and we were all at a place where we felt close with one another. It’s kind of hard to get emotional in front of people, by the end of it we were all so open and we knew each other so well that we were able to just do it. It’s powerful and touching, but to me when I’m shooting those things all I can ever think about are the survivors out there and the people who will be able to connect with this in an even more significant way. I think it’s so important to tell these stories but I think they are hard to tell and hard to watch, too. It is important everyone has the opportunity to see their story told and feel empowered by the show coming from their own specific experience.”

The rest of our interview can be found under the jump. What did everyone think of last night’s episode?

On Kat taking the risk to go to Adena: “I”t’s funny because when we were shooting episode Nine I read the script and I cried. I don’t cry that easily over anything, but I definitely got very emotional at the end of Nine, I was like, ‘I can’t believe that she didn’t go’. Then by the time we got to shoot for episode Ten, the ending was kind of changing a lot and I was like, ‘OK, so what?’ I was confused as to what exactly the ending was going to be and when they finally made the decision Kat was definitely going, that Kat was going to see Adena, I was like “Am I fired. I’m leaving the country; I guess I’m not coming back next season!” But it made me really happy because I genuinely got emotional when Kat didn’t go with her. It upset me and I kind of felt that guilt from Kat’s side of things so it made me happy to see her actually take a leap of faith and do something unexpected, something really unexpected, and something really scary. Not something that’s very on paper.”

On where she would like to see Kat if the show is renewed for a second season: “Do you guys want to shoot in Hawaii? No, not Hawaii, that’s not far enough. How about we all go to Europe, like the Greek Islands and that’s where we open on Kat and Adena! Let’s just shoot all location episodes next year. It’s going to become a travel show!”

On what she loved about Kat’s journey this year: “I just connect with her in this way that I really didn’t expect going in. People were asking me early on if I was much like Kat and I said, “Nah, not really. I’m not really the same as Kat.” And I would see Katie and Meghann give me side-eye me like “OK, sure”. But I started to realize week after week the closer I was to her. It’s just a journey that I could really transfer; the feeling of being vulnerable is really scary sometimes. It’s not something that I am super comfortable with in myself, in my life. It’s something that I struggle with, to really be open to being vulnerable and Kat’s the same way. I know I’m not the only one who feels that so I was really excited to share that with other people who are the same way to a degree.”

On her next project Channel Zero: “I’m doing a miniseries for Syfy. It’s a horror anthology . I know not all The Bold Type Fans will be into it because it’s kind of scary, but it’s fun. Halloween’s coming up, it’s a six episode story about a haunted house that’s much more complicated that just a haunted house. It has a really great cast and producers.”

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