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INTERVIEW: Maia Mitchell Talks The Fosters’ Season 5 Premiere w/ BB

July 11, 2017 - Author: admin - Comments are closed

Tonight, July 11, The Fosters will air its Season 5 premiere and Maia Mitchell was kind enough to chat with us about the heart racing episode. During our talk with the star, she spoke about where we find Callie in the beginning of the episode, if we can trust Diamond, how she prepared for the episode and so much more. Highlights can be found below.

On where we find Callie at the begining of the episode?
“The beginning of the episode picks up right where we left off. Callie is in the hotel room, desperately trying to figure out how to fix the situation and it doesn’t seem like there’s a solution. You definitely see her panicking and it’s such a disgusting and vulnerable position to be in for anyone.”

On her reaction to Callie and Diamond’s storyline:
“I’m always excited for whatever the writers throw at me. As a fan of Callie, I was facepalming when I read the script. But, I love playing Callie because it is so unpredictable and it’s never boring, I never get a breath. For a long series run like we’ve had, I think it’s rare you get to play a character that is in so many of these crazy situations. I’m always down for whatever they throw at me. I’m just really appreciative that I get to play a character that keeps me on my toes.

On if fans should trust Diamond:

“That’s a really good question. I know I didn’t before I read the script. I think Diamond is such a complex, brilliant character, I think they wrote her so delicately. She’s such a fragile, strong person and I think she has good intentions. I don’t think that she is a sneaky person. I think that she wants to get out of her situation, but she is not a person who trusts easily. It’s kind of about whether that will come into play.”

You can check out the rest of the interview under the jump. Make sure to check the site tomorrow for Part 2 of our interview with Maia.

On her preparation for the episode:
“There’s not much you can do…That’s kind of how we roll on the show. Between action and cut we try to keep it light. Stories like this definitely are an exception. When you’re in a motel room at 3 am, you’re not trying to have fun. You definitely try to stay in it while you’re there, but other scenes we try keep it as light and as fun as we can.

For storylines like this, I just make sure I know the words completely and just try and jump into it. Peter Paige directed, which is always a pleasure because he has so many insights. He created these characters with Bradley (Bredeweg), it is all about jumping into it and not being self-conscious. We have such a brilliant and respectful crew. They always can sense and judge when to dial it in. It was a minimal set, key people there, so it really was a safe space to be vulnerable and not embarrassed.”

On the writers:
“We trust our writers. I’ve done so many things in the show, where I’ve been like “Ahh” and I hope this ends well. And they always do, they take good care of us.”

On how tense the show’s premieres have been:

“Just wait until you see the 5b finale that we just got! I don’t know how they keep coming up with these stories. Season 4 premiere was the school shooting, the Season 4b premiere was The Troy stuff and she is in a car with a murderer. I don’t know how they do it, but I love it. I love getting the new scripts because I just have no idea what they are going to throw at us.”

On what she is most excited for fans to see this season:
“Our guest stars. We are so lucky, we get to work with so many new people. We all have our own storylines we can go and explore and then come back to the family. It stays really exciting for us. I’ve gotten to work with so many actors this season, so I think I am just excited for all the new faces on the show”.

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