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We Celebrate Arrow’s 100th Episode w/ Our 5 Favorite Episodes

November 30, 2016 - Author: admin - Comments are closed


Tonight, November 30, Arrow will celebrate its 100th episode. This is a huge milestone for any show and tonight’s episode will celebrate the big 100 by bringing back a number of familiar faces and, hopefully, reminding fans why they fell in love with this show all those years ago.

In honor of the show’s 100th episode, we have decided to name our five favorite episodes. It was no easy feat because there were a lot of episodes that could have made the cut, especially ones from Season 2, but we were able to narrow it down.

You will find our list under the cut! Arrow 100, which is also Night 3 of the DC TV Superhero crossover event, will air tonight at 8pm on the CW.

“Pilot”- Season 1
This was the episode that started it all. It kicked off with a stranded Oliver Queen being rescued and ended with a family secret no one saw coming. It also featured a number of twists and turns and had flashbacks scenes that balanced out the present story. The Pilot left us scratching at the bit wanting to learn more about Oliver Queens and the 5 years he was missing.

“Sacrifice”- Season 1 Finale
For the show’s first season finale, it proved to be an action packed, nail-biting experience. Each character played a part in trying to save the Glades and stop Malcolm Merlyn. This episode felt more like you were watching a movie rather than a TV show with how fast paced it was and it left us wishing we didn’t have to wait months for the next season.

“Streets of Fire/Unthinkable”- Season 2
We had to combine these two episodes because when watched together they make for one good time. “Unthinkable” was the show’s second season finale, but the episodes prior to it, especially “Streets of Fire” really set up the finale. These two episodes saw Oliver, the team and the League of Assassins trying to stop Slade and his men before Amanda Waller bombs the city. We didn’t think the show could top its first season finale, but they did it with this one.

“Three Ghosts”- Season 2
This episode was the conclusion of a two-part story arc introducing Barry Allen to the DC TV world and setting up The Flash TV show. It was also the show’s holiday episode, which put its own spin on the iconic Christmas Carol story, and it saw the first team up between Barry and Oliver. It also set the show up for the rest of its second season. It revealed that Slade was alive and orchestrating the distribution of Mirakuru and that Roy would soon be reaping the effects of the drug after being injected with it.

“Brave and the Bold”- Season 3
The CW did not waste any time bringing its two superhero TV shows together for one big crossover. The first part of the crossover kicked off on The Flash, but it ended with this episode of Arrow and this episode reigned supreme. The episode started off with Barry questioning Oliver’s motives and basically his sanity, but ended with the two working together as a team. The episode also proved that crossovers do work in the DC TV universe.

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