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Check Out More Photos and Interview Highlights from Dove Cameron’s Bello Issue

October 20, 2016 - Author: admin - Comments are closed


More photos and interview highlights from Dove Cameron’s issue of Bello Magazine have been released. Dove is on the cover of the magazine’s newest issue.

In the interview, Dove talks Liv and Maddie, relating to her characters, how the characters have changed over the years, Hairspray Live and so much more. Highlights can be found below.

On how both Liv and Maddie have changed over the years: “Both of the girls have become a bit less cartoony, quite a bit more finessed. They also have both developed their own sense of humor, which was really important and purposeful on my part because I think that individual humor defines a human in so many ways. Also: little physical habits. Those are really set in stone at this point. They’ve also become more comfortable with themselves as I have with myself. Little girls to young adults!”

On relating to Liv and Maddie: “I relate to both in practically every way. I always say if you split my personality down the middle, you would get Liv and Maddie. That’s how they were created! I came up with the characters along side our show runners and producers and writers. They are extremes of both halves of me.

On Hairspray Live!: “I have no words to describe how excited I am. I was a HUGE fan of both the movie and the musical. I actually saw it in theatres twice when it came out because I loved it so much. I’m also a huge Brittany Snow fan in general, so it’s a genuine honor to be playing this role.”

to read her full interview make sure to check out the Bello app!

Source: Bello Magazine

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