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Walk Into A Room

October 31, 2013 - Author: admin


A brand new still from Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters has been released. This new film stars Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, and Sarah Hyland.

In this still, we get another look at our leading lady Rose Hathaway (Deutch), who returns to school to continue her training to become a guardian. Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters opens in theaters on February 14!


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Try One More Time

- Author: admin


New information is being revealed about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reunion yesterday, October 29. The former couple was seen following one another in their separate vehicles after meeting up at a “secret spot”.

Well apparently, Rob and Kristen were at Rob’s new home, where they proceeded to spend about three hours with one another before leaving the home. A source told E!, “they are cordial now” but “honestly believe they will not get back together.”

I guess we will have to keep an eye out because with these two you never know what is going to happen.

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Breakfast At Midnight

- Author: admin

Taylor Swift has released another new video in relation to her latest fragrance Taylor. This new scent marks Taylor’s third fragrance since her release of Wonderstruck.

According to Taylor’s YouTube page, this video is the second part to the original commercial released for Taylor back in July. You can check out the first part here.

Taylor is currently on stands now!

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My What A Gentleman

- Author: admin


Daniel Radcliffe took in a showing of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder in New York City last night, October 20. Daniel was seen hanging out backstage with the actors after their nightly performance.

Currently, Daniel is taking a mini break after completing promotions for his latest project Kill Your Darlings. Daniel is expected to begin work on his next project, Frankenstein, in the next few weeks.

I am loving that facial hair on Daniel!


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Locked Up Tight

- Author: admin

A sneak peek look at Demi Lovato’s new music video for “Let It Go” has been released. Demi recorded the song for the new Walt Disney animated movie, Frozen.

The song will be heard, performed by Idina Menzel, during the movie and the version recorded by Demi will be played during the credits.

The full video will be released on Good Morning America tomorrow, November 1! I can’t wait to see the full video.

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Can We Take It Nice And Slow

- Author: admin

Selena Gomez has uploaded a new video to her YouTube page. The young star’s new video focuses on her Stars Dance Tour, which has 18 shows left.

In the video, we get to see some behind the scenes footage from the tour’s rehearsals and some of the backstage shenanigans before the show. We also get to see some cool footage from the show as well!

I would love for Selena to release more of these videos! I think a lot of her fans who could not see the show would appreciate it!

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Where We Go

- Author: admin

Liam Payne was spotted shopping in Tokyo, Japan today, October 31. The star was bombarded by fans as we made his way in and out of stores in Harajuku.

His One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles was also spotted out and about in Tokyo when he was bombarded by fans. You can see pictures of his outing on our Tumblr.

Liam and Harry are in Tokyo to perform with their other One Direction bandmates on their Take Me Home tour. The boys will perform two shows at Makuhari Messe starting November 2.

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I’m Here For You Always

- Author: admin


Justin Bieber may have just won son of the year. The young musician apparently bought his father and two half-siblings a home in a small town in Canada.

According to TMZ, Justin needed no push from his family to buy the property. He did it on his own accord. “Justin wants to make sure his half-brother and half-sister are living in a really nice home, so he shelled out a cool $850k in cash for a 5-bedroom cabin-style pad in Ontario, where they live with their dad.”

You can check out photos of the home here. This is such a wonderful thing Justin did for his family!

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Trust In Me

- Author: admin

Abigail Breslin was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Abigail was on the show to promote her new film Ender’s Game.

During her interview, Abigail spoke about her blog, her first appearance on the show, advice from her brothers, Halloween, and so much more. They also showed a new clip from her film as well!

Ender’s Game opens in theaters tomorrow, November 1.

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Now That I See You

- Author: admin


More information is being revealed on the Jonas Brothers’ recent breakup. The boys announced that they were parting ways as a group earlier this month.

Nick, who was the one to initial the breakup, spoke about bringing the topic up to his brothers in a recent meeting. He stated, “You prep a million ways. There was sort of a shut-off that happened. It took some time, about 24 hours or so, before we could really talk about it.”

Nick went on to say, “There were tears and yelling from everybody”. Kevin added, “It was the most real, the most intense conversation that we’ve had in our lives together.”

However, the boys ultimately decided family come first and that in order for them to survive as a family they needed to go their separate ways. “We’re choosing our family because it was becoming toxic,” stated Kevin.

It hurts that after all this the boys decided to end things, but they are right. At the end of the day when it comes down to it family should be your first priority.


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