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Do What’s Right For Me

January 24, 2012 - Author: admin - Comments are closed

Demi Lovato has apparently checked back into rehab. According to, Demi has been admitted to Passages, an in-patient treatment center in Malibu, CA.

Last week BlindGossip ran a blind item which many speculated to be about Demi, and now the site is revealing Demi as the person the original item was about.

According to the site, Demi is being treated for, “alcohol addiction and addiction to drugs, most notably cocaine”. Apparently after Demi read the original BlindGossip blind her friends confronted her and she checked back into rehab.

This all happened right around the time of Demi’s twitter break. When we learn more details we’ll update you.

UPDATE: According to Tiffany Thornton, who is one of Demi’s close friends, Demi is not in rehab. She tweeted, “I will tell you FOR SURE that they are wrong”.

UPDATE: MTV News is reporting that Demi is NOT back in rehab. According to MTV News, ‘”Demi’s team confirmed it’s untrue.”‘

What do you think?

Thanks @CircleOfDisney

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Discussion (4 Comments)

  1. by Anonymous

    lol to anyone thinking demi LOVATO doesn’t have problems enough that she needs to be in rehab. she’s been back on the booze and drugs for a while now…

  2. by fake

    I think this needs to be updated! the really Demi that entered rehab was Demi Moore..people should know the facts first and then blog about it!

  3. by hello

    sorry but even repps have already confirm SHE IS NOT on rehab the word used was cork of sh** check gossipcop… these people get on my nerves they really love to play with feelings:S

  4. by James

    This is blind…nuff said.

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