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Late One Night

October 31, 2011 - Author: admin

Justin Bieber had a little trick up his sleeve for this year’s Halloween.

The young star recently uploaded a video of him donning a Jason mask and scaring his “Someday” fragrance commercial co-star. For those who don’t where the mask is from I advise you watch Friday the 13th, preferably tonight.

OMG if anyone tried this on me they would have been dead. I can only handle a certain amount of scary from people and the Jason mask would have been way over my limit.

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Ain’t For Free

- Author: admin

Joe Jonas got a very special surprise on his last night of the Britney Spears Femme Fatale tour! Britney pulled Joe on stage for a pretty cool surprise!

Joe has been opening for Britney’s tour while she has been on the road in Europe. This is such a classic moment, he looks so freakin’ happy!



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It Was a Graveyard Smash

- Author: admin

Halloween twitter pic post! Miley Cyrus threw a rockin’ Halloween party over the weekend that her pals, Aly and AJ Michalka attended. All three girls look great!

Aly and AJ also showed off another Halloween pic of them with Emma Roberts and Zac Efron!

The cast of Jessie all got dressed up to trick or treat on set today while Victoria Justice showed her Halloween spirit by wearing fun socks!

Nina Dobrev showed off her cool costume as Hermione Granger and her party bus from over the weekend. Zayn Malik went out to celebrate Halloween.

Nick Jonas found himself in a grocery store and Nolan Gould put on his best scary face! He also found a new toy!

Victoria carved a pumpkin with her Victorious castmates and Jesse McCartney cuddled up to his sister’s new puppy! Tiffany Thornton spent time with her pup.

Selena Gomez returned to LA and visited her man, Justin Bieber. Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend, Scott Speer went as Selena and Justin.

Thanks @CircleOfDisney!

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The Sky Tonight

- Author: admin

Robert Pattinson was spotted arriving at Los Angeles International Airport today, October 31.

The Twilight star has been traveling all over Europe with his co-star Ashley Greene promoting their new film, Breaking Dawn Part 1 before arriving back in Los Angeles. Rob will continue promotions for the film by making appearances on multiple shows and conventions.

Rob has so much luggage! Here’s hoping he can catch a wink of sleep during these next few weeks!


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Wig, Wig, Wig

- Author: admin

Ashley Tisdale was spotted running some last-minute errands today, October 31.

The young star was spotted leaving Super Star Hair & Wigs Beauty Supply, where she was seen picking up some much-needed essentials in order to make her Halloween festivities for tonight even better!

I wonder what Ashley will be dressing up as? Also, with all the gates in Los Angeles do the stars open their gates for the kids???



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That Kiss-Kiss

- Author: admin

Shia LaBeouf was spotted sneaking a quick kiss from his girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, on set of his new film.

Shia has been hard at work these past couple of weeks in Vancouver filming for his new film, The Company You Keep. So busy that he only had time to catch a quick kiss from his girlfriend before heading back to set to continue his work day.

Glad to see Shia is still finding time to be with his girlfriend!


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In A Flash

- Author: admin

Get More: Music News

Demi Lovato offered up some advice for those who plan on dressing up for Halloween tonight, October 31!

Demi stated to MTV that girls should wear clothes when dressing up for Halloween. Demi then went on to say that she may be a pirate or Ke$ha for Halloween.

Speaking of costumes…what is everyone going as?

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I Heard A Crash

- Author: admin

Chloe Moretz participated in a FunnyorDie sketch in honor of Halloween called, “Scary Girl with Chloe Moretz”.

The premise behind the sketch is that Chloe is the stereotypical scary girl in every horror film and now that she is getting older she learns she can’t play the murdered scary girl anymore.

OMG Chloe looks great in this sketch. By far the best part of this sketch is the pop group part. The song is hilarious!

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Try Not To Fake This Gift

- Author: admin

The first official advertisement for Emma Stone as the new face of Revlon has been released.

Emma was announced as an ambassador for the cosmetic company a couple of months ago, along with fellow actress Olivia Wilde and she has been hard at work filming the commercial for the company this past week!

Emma looks stunning in this ad! I cannot wait to see more photos of Emma and the commercial for Revlon!


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You’ll See Your Fate

- Author: admin

Taylor Lautner was spotted out last night, October 30, at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

The young star, who will begin promotions for his new film Breaking Dawn Part 1 this week, was out celebrating a friend’s birthday at the swanky hotel.

According to reports from, Taylor was seen getting his flirt on with a mysterious blonde and even managed to squeeze in a couple kisses with the girl.

Not sure how much I believe this story seeing as Taylor is not one for PDA and since there are no pics of the kissing, I am putting this in the rumor file!

What do you think?


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