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Took A Chance

April 20, 2011 - Author: admin - Comments are closed

Taylor Swift and Garrett Hedlund are now being rumored to be a couple.

According to Star Magazine Taylor and Garrett were spotted going for a walk near her home in Nashville, before going out for an “intimate” dinner. The magazine goes on to say that Garrett is in Nashville to record a country album and that Taylor wants to talk this relationship quite slow.

Ok, even though they have a picture, which is pretty blurry for the day time if you ask me, I still don’t believe a word of this article because Star is reporting that Taylor and Garrett met at the Golden Globes. Ummm question, how are these two have suppose to have met at an event that Taylor did not even go too?



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Discussion (1 Comment)

  1. by Donna

    I find this rumour to be pretty strange, I mean it took 6 days for the rumour to appear and 18 days for a photo. Taylor was in Nashville after literally getting back of her european tour and Garrett had been in New York filming additional scenes for On The Road. The day in question was taylor’s day off and she spent it in Nashville, she told people in interviews that she went for coffee, got some lunch, got some dinner and she it very casual about what she did. I mean she has been in LA for 2 weeks and Garrett lives in LA but nothing no sign of them together at all. People think because Garrett hasn’t denied the rumour like he has in the past with others it must be true. Also if it’s true about his response when asked by a friend he just laughed which usually indicates that it’s not true because he has laughed about other rumours in the past. All the info in this article are false. Taylor wasn’t at the Golden Globes and he isn’t recording a CD either. I saw Garrett on Saturday in his neighbourhood at a coffee shop.

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