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Simple Things In Life That Mean the Most

February 25, 2011 - Author: admin - Comments are closed

Nick Jonas will be attending the sixth annual Carnival for a Cure event in Manhattan on March 13. He’ll be there to discuss how he has not let Diabetes hold him back.
Also, Nick spoke Diabetes Forecast about his life, his diabetes, and more.
On how his Diabetes has changed over the years: “It’s continually changing—it’s not like I get in a good place and it stays there. Every day I have to watch, to look at it, to make sure that everything is cool and still intact, to make sure I’m doing the best I can to manage it.”
On his future in the business: “The next step for me, personally, is a lot of writing and producing for other artists—that’s going to become a big part of my career. Along with that, maybe some more theater down the road”.
On his diabetes and relationships: My diabetes has, at times, made relationships—specifically romantic ones—difficult, because it’s hard for other people to understand. I just think if [a girlfriend] doesn’t have a clear understanding of what each high or low feels like—if I haven’t explained enough—then that can be very confusing as to what I’m feeling at a certain point”.
To read more of the interview go Here

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