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Only One Side Fighting

February 15, 2011 - Author: admin - Comments are closed

Nick Jonas recently sat down with TV Squad to talk about his guest appearance on the ABC show, Mr. Sunshine!

On his character Eli White:“Eli is kind of an interesting character because he pushes out that he’s a jerk, and he feels like he needs to be that way to kind of fit in with the crowd that he wants to fit in with, and be perceived the way he wants to be perceived. I kind of feel like, at the core, he’s just full of insecurities and, more than anything, just wants to be accepted by the people he’s with in that moment. I think it’s similar to what most people go through in their real, normal lives. But yeah, he is a jerk, for sure. [Laughs] It was fun to kind of play someone completely opposite to myself for a day.”

On his essential thing he can’t live without while on tour: “Ooh, one thing … for me, it’s pineapple juice. I love pineapple juice. It’s not that big a deal, like Eli’s [demands] would be. When I was doing a show in London — I was doing ‘Les Mis’ — I met a lot of classically trained singers. They were all sharing with me that pineapple juice is really good for your voice … it soothes your vocal chords. I started drinking it and I love it. It’s my jam now.”

On other shows he would like to guest star on: “I would love to guest star on ‘No Ordinary Family.’ That would be incredible. I’ve always been obsessed with superhero TV shows. Before those were my favorites, ‘Heroes’ was, unfortunately.”

Nick’s episode of Mr. Sunshine airs tomorrow, February 16, at 9:30pm on ABC!

To read the full article click the source!

I can’t wait to watch Nick play a diva!

Who is going to watch Nick tomorrow?

Credit to @jonaslove85!

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