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It Has Just Begun

February 2, 2011 - Author: admin - Comments are closed

The USA Today released an article on the Oscar nominated, Hailee Steinfeld, talking about the success the young star has had. The magazine met up with the fourteen year old, while she was shopping at Forever 21 and then went to eat at Johnny Rockets.

On her success: “It’s a lot to comprehend, but it’s so incredible,” and, “I guess I never thought it would happen so fast.”

On working with Jeff Bridges in their first scene: “I was talking to Jeff Bridges like that,” “Of course, we were doing a scene, but it’s so funny, because at the end of the scene I’d think to myself, ‘OK, why am I talking to Jeff Bridges like this? This is not right.’ ” She went on to say, “If I talked to my mom like that, I’d be grounded.”

On leaving public school to be home schooled: “One of the reasons I left was because of social issues, I guess you could say. …’ Steinfeld’s infectious grin slightly falters. ‘It wasn’t actually about the acting. I don’t know, it just kind of — you know, whatever,’ she pauses. Bullying? ‘Yeah.’ In sixth grade? ‘Yeah,’ she says quietly. It’s clearly not something she wants to dwell on.”

Overall great interview. I love that she still shops at Forever 21! Also, I hate that kids are still being bullied, seriously people bullying is not cool at all!


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